2009 Outstanding Crime Prevention Agency

Small Agency – Round Rock Police Department

Medium Agency – No Nominations Received

Large Agency – Austin Police Department-Southwest Area Command

Specialized Agency – University of Texas at Austin PD

2009 Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager

Small Agency – No Nominations received

Medium Agency – No Nominations received

Large Agency – Plano Police Department Crime Prevention Unit

Specialized Agency – Captain Paul Chapa- Texas State University

2009 Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist

Small Agency – Officer Sandy Wright, Round Rock PD

Medium Agency – Deputy Mike Thielen, Hays Co

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Large Agency – Deputy Derrick Taylor, Travis Co SO

Specialized Agency – Nancy Gresham, Attorney Generals Office

2009 Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist – Overall for the State of Texas

Deputy Claude Gamez – Williamson County Sheriffs Office

2009 Outstanding Crime Prevention Media

Specialized Agency – The Battalion-Texas A&M University

2009 President’s Award

Captain Mark Brazelton – Gainesville Police Department