You can become a sponsor or corporate sponsor of TCPA by completing the instructions below.

2. Download and Mail In Application and Payment

Easy Online Application Completion & Printing

If you want to print the form off, complete it, and send it with your payment. No need to try to “scribble” in the information by hand.

LEFT CLICK HERE to open the application form. (It opens in a new window, so you can refer back here, if needed.)

  1. Just fill in all the required information right on your screen.
  2. Click on the gray “Print Form” box in the upper right of the form.
  3. The application will be printed for you on your local printer.

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  4. Attach your payment and send it to the address on the form OF THE REGION THAT YOU ARE JOINING. (see the bottom of the form for address of each region)

That’s it! Easy? We hope so.