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Special Notice Regarding Our Annual Conference

On Wednesday, July 1st, the Executive Board hosted a conference call with representatives from Central Texas to discuss the upcoming Annual Conference. Kristi Hosea, Central Texas President, shared a brief update on the status of the conference, as well as concerns and recommendations, from their regions’ meeting held earlier in the day.

After discussion and based on recommendations from Central Texas, the Executive Board, with a quorum present, voted to cancel the conference but continue to host CPTED, the CCPS Review, the CCPS Exam and the General Meeting. The General Meeting will be held for the purpose of conducting TCPA business. It will be held on Tuesday afternoon after the CCPS Exam and will not have a luncheon. While there will not be a formal award ceremony, awards will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.

For those that cannot attend the General Meeting, plans are in place to host the meeting online, and to also allow voting. (i.e., By-Laws, Nominations and Life Members) Watch for upcoming emails detailing more information.

This is not the outcome we had hoped for, but the decisions were made with keeping the health of our members and their families a priority. Please continue to work with Central Texas to make these changes and assist where you can.

The General Board Meeting to be held Tuesday, July 14 at 1:00pm at the Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center. RSVP is requested.

You can RSVP at: https://www.team911.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1398484&group=215709


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Room Information

  • If booking hotel nights pre or post conference dates for an extended stay, call the hotel directly if the hotel booking link does not allow you to do it online.
  • Double occupancy is $10 extra per night.
  • The Hotel is pet friendly. If bringing a pet, a pet deposit is required and you must request a room on the 4th floor or below.

Parking Information:

  1. The following vehicles may park for free in parking lots such as 61 or 62 – Vehicles with Texas issued exempt plates, Identifiable emergency vehicles, and Department unmarked vehicles which have emergency vehicle capabilities.  Department unmarked vehicles which have emergency vehicle capabilities may use a department issued identification placard or request a parking placard from Kristi Hosea khosea@tamu.edu by June 29, 2020.
  2. No permit required 1700 Friday until 0600 Monday in parking lots 61 or 62.
  3. Parking permits may be purchased in advance for Parking Area 61 or 62 at the following link for $7.50/day or $30/week for those that do not fall into the previous 2 criteria.(quantities are limited)
  4. Gene Stallings Blvd Garage (SBG) (formally known as Cain Parking Garage) -Parking in Gene Stallings Blvd Garage (SBG) (formally known as Cain Parking Garage) attached to the hotel will be $10 per day for TCPA attendees. Pull a ticket upon entering. Take the ticket to the front desk. If staying overnight at the hotel, use your hotel room key to get in and out of the garage as needed. The $10 per day fee will be added to your hotel room bill. If you are not staying at the hotel or are only using the garage for one day, you will pay the $10 at the hotel front desk and they will give you a green ticket to get out of the garage. The green ticket is a one time use ticket to exit the garage. *The skywalk to the 2nd floor of the hotel is on the 3rd floor of the garage.

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Conference Registration  July 13-16, 2020

CCPS Review Registration July 13, 2020

CCPS Exam Registration July 14, 2020

CPTED   July 11-13, 2020

AWARE Registration  July 13-14, 2020

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